Apprenticeship Application

Application Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old.

Must have a valid driver’s license.

Provide Copy of Birth or Baptismal Certificate.

Must be a high school Graduate and provide Transcripts or a G.E.D. with the Tests Scores.

Must be physically fit to work in the construction industry.

Must work well with others.

Must be able to understand and follow instructions.

Must be able to lift heavy objects.

Must be able to work in confined spaces.

Must be able to work at high levels on lifts and scaffolds.

When we are open for applications, applicants will be required to come to the apprentice school to pick up an application package to be completed. We have not yet set the date for the next selection process. The date will be advertised in local papers and on website. There is a $10 application fee.

Submit copy of high school transcripts and/or G.E.D. with test scores.

Pass a physical exam.

Take and pass a mechanical aptitude test.

Pass drug-screening test.